The Vogue Auto system will be based on Blockchain technology, which will make it possible to create a decentralized self-regulating infrastructure of BiG-DATА based on CISCO NASA space technologies
Where will it be available? On those continents, countries, regions and cities, from where we will receive the enquiries during the tokens sale. In the beginning, it will be launched on 24 existing world platforms of the company TopCar 
General Scoring
The process technique will make it possible to record the scoring obtained in the processes, which will affect such factors as the limit price of the product to be used, the product accessibility requirement, the clients’ psychophysical data with the details of their access to the product and, if they are exceeded, a reasonable refusal registered in the BIG DATA blockchain
For Everyone
We expect that our product will interest many countries and continents, big cities and car factories. Clients who live in remote suburbs will have access to the nearest large centers

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