Economics of tokens

We expect, that our product will interest many countries and continents, big cities, remote suburbs

For this reason, we have introduced Vaminutecoin in our project – a unified service accounting unit which is easy to use in any country to make payments, converting it from any convenient tokens, and e-payment systems gaining popularity day after day. Thanks to such an economic model, more people worldwide will have access to advanced technologies.

For those who want to invest in our company in order to get profits, we have developed another token model Vacoin which will be equal to each Share of the company

49 % of the company shares will be sold during the tokens sale and during other public sales. Afterwards, this share package will be handed in trust to traders and placed on top exchanges, such as CBOE, CME Group and others for the growth of price and projected volatility growth of the company shares. A limited number of shares will be issued, linked through smart contracts and KYC verification for current users.



are 100% shares of the company

1 share

is a VAcoin (1 token) = 200$

21,000,000 (VAcoin)

tokens will be issued

49 % - 10 290 000

are available for sale and will be further placed on top exchanges

1 (VAsec coin) Share

TOTAL All tokens 
2 163 369 600 VAM coins 100% for sale  
21 000 000 VAsec coins 49% for sale
3$ =1 VAM coin = 1 minute
200$ = 67 VAM coins = 1 VAsec coin+KYC

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