The Blockchain Program

$ 6,000,000
Due to the fact that the economic business model requires capitalization of $ 6,000,000 for each territorial unit, the centers’ construction and opening worldwide will be arranged based on this amount.
If insufficient funds are collected from some regions, we will join them to the nearest centers of large regions or apply an interim location plan for certain clients with the possibility to travel to the nearest VA centers at their pleasure. We will make your comfort accessible and convenient.
The collected funds will be used for development of the application, writing of a safe driving training and control program, purchase of pilot cars and development of car safety recognition program sets. Then pilot experimental models will be produced, and next manufacturing capacities of equipment kits will be launched.

Collection and storage of de-identified data of driving statistics on the blockchain platform Vogue Auto

Adaptive Traffic Automated Control System VA Technology. Adding our VA platform to 24 TopCar dealerships worldwide

Development of scoring check-lists of inspection and diagnosing of psychophysical data of the clients’ health and possible contraindications

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