About the project

Vogue Auto Technology - adaptive control system for high-speed flows.

What is it? This is a great step forward in the automotive industry and in the air transport flow that will provide to move at the high speed exceeding 350-400 km/h.
Just imagine how it will be easy to get to work from a suburban to a metropolitan center in a few minutes. Traffic jams, accidents and difficulties with slow-moving traffic will no longer be.
The emergence of new technologies allows to design new types of transport with obvious advantages.
Megapolises will receive a double and triple increase in its transport capacity. Such phenomena like traffic jams and accidents due to the human factor will be reduced to zero.
The increase in high-speed flows will affect the improvement ecology of cities by the reason there will be no traffic jams, heating of atmosphere layers and harmful exhausts into the environment.
The traffic increase in general will contribute to the funds increment of the city’s budget due to increased business flows.
For regions and small localities our system will provide an opportunity for using the infrastructure of the nearest major cities immediately.

The lack of expensive coverage in remote locations will no longer be a problem solvable with helicopters solely. This will change the standards of living of many people significantly.
We can help people to be closer to each other with providing support for those who need it.

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