About the products



Permanent mobility at any time you need
Money saving
You pay only for driving
No hidden fees and extra payments
Payment in vehicle tokens
No binding countries and continents
You can use it in any country
Global transport network for your different tasks
Family, business and off-road travels, car racing with various sport cars on various motordromes
There is no need to buy your own car

In addition to this...

  • Bonuses offered by HOTELS OF OUR PARTNERS
  • Bonuses offered by our partners’ programs

Good Benefits


Loyalty Program

A dramatic reduction in the car's usage price

Exclusive Cars

Unique opportunities to use new hard-to-access cars at prices starting from $3 per token

Worldwide Cooperation

Cooperative programs with the tourism sector, conference rooms and motordromes

About the platform


Vogue Auto platform will enable you to use newly designed super cars as soon as they are produced

Newly Designed Cars

We have concluded agreements with many car producers and we increase their number year by year. This means that our clients will have a wide choice of unique vehicles of the industry and will be able to use them as an instrument to fulfill various needs. Our personalized Vogue Auto platform ensures that the car will be provided just by the time you need. Our service is created to solve business tasks related to speed increase all over the world. The AV platform service will be as comfortable as possible and super presentable, offering new feelings on a more accessible level.


Vogue Auto platform supports exclusive events, for example, private championships, and registers them in your personal account.

Exclusive Events

You will be able to contact other clients, many of whom are leaders of large sectors, entrepreneurs and successful business owners. The platform will offer its clients special programs for purchasing super cars with discounts. It will enable the clients to invest directly in movable property directly on the platform using tokens. Moreover, our Adaptive Traffic Automated Control System VA Technology will provide to our clients good service and special insurance products.

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